French-Kazakh Centre for Research «Geo-Energies» organizes admission tests to join its International Master “Subterranean Reservoirs of Energies: Hydrodynamics, Geology, Modeling”


Deadline for registration: May 31th


All applicants must have at least bachelor degree in one of the following disciplines: fluid mechanics, physics of fluids, applied mathematics, computer science or numerical modelling, geophysics, reservoir engineering, petroleum geosciences, as well as professional candidates seeking a career evolution are welcome. A good level in English is required and must also be validated.

Selection of candidates is performed in two different ways:


Method 1: is based on the application of candidates.

The application should be submitted to the master secretaries before May 31.

In several casesthe candidates may be assitionally invited to the intervew (by video-conference).


Method 2: is based on the exams

All canddiates, especially those who have no excellent dossier, have another possibility to be selected: through a direct written and oral exams.


The written exam in mathematics is of 2 hours long, and includes exercises in the domain of functions and graphics, derivatives, integration, expansion of functions in series, elementary differential equations, elementary skils in building numerical algorithms.

The level corresponds to the first year of bachelor degree of technical universities.


The written exam in logics is of 2 hours long, and includes exercises asking to prove the potential in logical reflection. Any knowledge in any scientific matter are not needed.


The candidates who prove the best results are invited for an oral interview.


The oral interview happens individually with each candidate. The interviewer is a French professor. The duration of an interview is between 1h and 2h. The languages are Russian and English. The objective of the interview is to provide an opportunity to the candidate to improve his results proved in written exams and to prove his motoivation.


Students must be able to speak, read and write in English to a competent level before starting this programme. All lectures are given in English.

Applicants involved in joint French-Kazakh Master degree do not pay tuition fee during first year.


The tuition fee for the master-degree program is 2k€ per year (the minimal value)

The best candidates have an opportunity to obtain financial support via the Master Jury, our industrial partners, or the French Government, as well as to be exempt from paying the totality of the tuition fees.